Favorite Indie Booksellers Worldwide | Meghan Nuttall Sayres

Favorite Indie Booksellers Worldwide

115_1514 Over at the GuardianWitness people are invited to share their memories and photos of independent bookstores they know and love. This is the one I visited in Kerman, Iran, while attending their First International Children’s Book Fesitval a few years ago. My other favorite indie booksellers include Aunties Books in Spokane, WA; Elliot Bay and The Secret Garden in Seattle; Book People of Moscow, Idaho; and the Kings English in Salt Lake City. And then there’s Charlie Byrne’s and Dubray Books in Galway, Ireland, The Winding Stair in Dublin, and Daunt Books in Holland Park, London. I musn’t forget the ones mentioned on this link in Istanbul!

Share yours here or head over to the Guardian.