International Womens Musuem Breaks Stereotypes | Meghan Nuttall Sayres

International Womens Musuem Breaks Stereotypes

I recently came across the online International Museum of Women. Samina Ali is curator of a current exhibition called Muslima. In her own words she explains her motivation for this show. “In a world that’s grown accustomed to denying the rich diversity of Muslim women’s thoughts and contributions, of erasing their complex differences and reducing them into an easy stereotype of an oppressed group, into lesser human beings, this exhibition title highlights the singular form of Muslima in order to celebrate the unique passions and accomplishments of each and every Muslim woman who contributes.”

Read more of her statement at:

I’d like to highlight Bosnian artist Elvira Bojadzic, co-founder of Islamic Arts Magazine, who has contributed to Muslima. She discusses how Islamic art and culture is recovering after the 90’s war in Bosnia, which she explains was genocide. She sees her work with calligraphy as a marriage of the contemporary with the traditional.


Having recently returned from a trip to Bosnia, where I visited the memorial (pictured) for the men and women who were executed en mass near the town of Serebrenica. I believe in the therapeutic value of the arts and am heartened to hear that they are flourishing again in that beautiful country.

There are many, many artists featured on the International Womens Museum. I hope you take a few minutes to visit their site.