News for Winter 2009

I recently uploaded photographs and information about artists and others I met on my recent trips to Uzbekistan and Turkey. For viewing, please go to my Middle Eastern and Central Asia page to click on the related link.

I am pleased to announce that my book Weaving Tapestry In Rural Ireland has gone into its second hardback printing. I would also like to share this excerpt of a recent review which appeared in the Irish Literary Supplement:
"THE APPEARANCE OF THIS BOOK owes as much to the author’s interest in weaving, harvesting and dyeing yam as to her desire to explore how an ancient craft could be employed in an innovative way to bring fulfillment and renewal to a rural community. With the assistance of local mentors, a group of Irish tapestry weavers most of whom were Irish speakers–came together in 1993 to form a cooperative called Taipeis Gael (Gaelic Tapestries). The author’s account of the cooperative and its work can stand on its own as an excellent documentary and instructional source, but it is also our good fortune that Sayres has taken what could have easily been a mundane academic treatise and produced an artistically stunning volume as socially compelling as it is historically meticulous."
—Meglena Z. Miltcheva, College of Charleston, S.C., Department of Irish Studies