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Diversity and bridging cultures are themes in much of my work. My stories include characters of diverse generations, religions, cultures, and physical abilities.
The following images were taken years ago and feature therapeutic recreation programs I organized as Director of Recreation Therapy at the University of Utah Medical Center, Department of Rehabilitation, along with my colleague Larry Orr. The individuals were photographed by Brad Nelson. Most of the people shown here sustain spinal cord injuries–paraplegia and quadriplegia–yet they participated in these outdoor sports. Others experienced head injury and strokes.

Slideshow: Horse-packing Trip in Southern Utah

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Suggested Reading on the Topic of Diversity

My blog, Writing and Wandering, contains various stories related to diverse cultures and religions. Below are some additional articles and webpages related to diversity:



The Children’s Literature Diversity Festival will be held in Washington DC in 2016.

Two TED Talks Worth Watching

Two writers I admire, Elif Shafak, and Leslie Hazelton, have given TED Talks that address the importance of respecting “the other.” Please take the time to listen to them both. They are enlightening, and as most TED Talks, delivered beautifully.

Elif Shafak: http://www.ted.com/talks/elif_shafak_the_politics_of_fiction

Leslie Hazelton: http://www.ted.com/talks/lesley_hazelton_on_reading_the_koran