Seattle’s Iranian Festival Rocks

Iranian Fest Poster

Last weekend I was invited to talk at Seattle’s Iranian Festival, an event-filled day at Seattle Center. Hundreds of people attended, the place was packed all day with stage performances changing every 20 minutes or so with dancers, musicians, singers, comedians, cooks, authors and others. Among the attendees were avid readers who poured over the selection of Iranian and Persian related literature all day long at the Elliott Bay Books booth.

Two women from the Seattle area Tanya Fekri and Neilufar Naini joined me for a discussion about my new anthology Love and Pomegranates: Artists and Wayfarers in Iran. Both read from the pieces they contributed to the collection. “Weaving Through the Generations,” by Neilufar Naini is about finding strength and guidance from her grandmother’s carpet. In “Come and See Iran,” Tanya Fekfi interviewed Iranian tour guide Amir Haeri Mehrizi and talked about the importance of cultural exchange and dispelling preconceived notions about the other.

Check out more about Love and Pomegranates over at: where new essays, poetry and interviews will be offered each month.

Tanya Fekri (left) and Neilufar Naini at Seattle’s Iranian Festival, June 29, 2013


Tanya and Neilufar