Surviving a Saharan Sandstorm | Meghan Nuttall Sayres

Surviving a Saharan Sandstorm



This spring I had the opportunity to travel to Morocco with friends. I’ve long wanted to visit this country and the Sahara Desert. So much about the people, the arts, the food and the blending of cultures (Berber, Arab, French and others) has enticed me to return. Geographically, the country reminded me much of mountains and deserts of Utah, but Morocco’s canyons were filled with oasis and palm trees and the beauty of the Sahara’s sand dunes are beyond words. This photo was taken at sunrise the morning after my friends and I awoke in our tent, where we had waited out a ten hour sandstorm that swept in around noon the day before. Visit again to learn more about Morocco as I will be posting about it over the next couple of months. Below is a photo of myself, friends Mary Platt and Beatrice Upeniks, and our guide Lahsen Essaib of Fint Tours at the caravansarai during the sandstorm :).