Iran’s World Peace Carpet | Meghan Nuttall Sayres

Iran’s World Peace Carpet

Easter Sunday I awoke to Tehran traffic outside my hotel window. Some wrestled the tangle of cars and pedestrians on their way to mass at the nearby Orthodox Church. I prepared for my own spiritual journey, the reason I had traveled through eleven time zones and half way around the world: to weave a knot on Iran’s World Peace Carpet, a project sponsored by UNESCO and the Cultural Heritage,Tourism and Handicraft Organization of Iran. For a tapestry weaver and author (my first novel was inspired by an Afshar tribal rug), tying a goodwill knot on this carpet, along with 700 others from 89 nations, seemed every bit as reverent as attending Easter Mass…

Weaving Peace in Tehran

Click here to read the rest of this essay about my journey to Iran in spring 2009 to weave on their first World Peace Carpet.

KYRS Persian Hour

Listen to my interviewwith the KYRS Persian Hour, a persian themed radio show available at this Eastern Washington public radio station.


UPDATE  | August 2010

Recent news on announced the completion of Iran’s World Peace Carpet. It will travel to thirty countries on five continents before arriving at its destination at the UN. The central motif is a depiction of the clay tablet upon which Cyrus the Great, founder of the Persian Empire, wrote one of the world’s first human rights declarations.

Look closely at the last image. Perhaps you can find threads of my sheep’s wool, which Head Weaver Jafar Shahabi promised to weave into the carpet! :)

The carpet image above is credited to the Iranian National Carpet Center website.  View the event information page here.