Writing Is Spirit: Calligrapher Omër Basdag | Meghan Nuttall Sayres

Writing Is Spirit: Calligrapher Omër Basdag



Meeting Ömer Basdag was yet another fabulous example of the synchronicity I experience whenever I go to Istanbul. People there have two expressions for serendipitous happenings: zuhurat and tefafuk. Apparently both are old Ottoman words. The first means unexpected, unimagined, and often-fortuitous. Some might add it holds a cosmic, if not divine, quality. While tefafuk translates as “nothing is coincidence.”

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Above is a photo of Omer Basdag with his mentor Master Calligrapher Sinan Sinangil, Istanbul, Trukey. Below is Omer’s work on paper: “Writing is Spirit,” and,  an aliph, inlaid on the back of a violin.


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